About Us

Hello, my name is Edward Denny, I’m the Owner and Manager of Vom Zeder Haus. I’ve been involved with the German Shepherd Breed for most of my life as either an exerciser, groom, trainer, researcher, and breeder. Whereas we are obviously a Training and Breeding Organization, and thus always seeking good people for our GSD’s, VZH first and foremost is a Research Organization, conducting ongoing research regarding all aspects of these dogs, to keep ourselves and the public informed. We are also an Organization fighting the exploitation of the German Shepherd Dog, as these magnificent animals, are the most exploited mammals in the World, and the United States is the heart of the exploitation.

I earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice, and a B.S in Psychology from Union College in Barboursville, Ky, and then worked for several years in the public sector, before finally deciding to dedicate all of my time to the welfare of this Breed.

Our objective at VZH is not to “sell” dogs, it’s to educate the American public about the German Shepherd Breed, thus to help this breed, and make us all better GSD Parents. If through this education, that we acquire a good Parent / Pack Member for our dogs, then so be it. We will add here that our biggest challenge at VZH is trying to educate a very Brainwashed American public regarding the German Shepherd Dog, and the basic care of dogs. This because for over 40 years now, after the U.S. Veterinary system changed from an entity of caring for dogs, to an entity of greed, Americans have been and are brainwashed by this, which results in people unknowingly destroying their dogs. Then there is the use of cages, thus tempered by calling them “crates”, we could go on and on here. We know there is a lot of information on this website, but please read as much as you can. Start with our Home page, then the Puppies page. Our page “VZH breeding initiative” will enlighten you so much too. Then read as many articles that you can on our “GSD health and info” page.

I want you to know that I manage and endure severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Had I not became involved with these dogs early in life, and thus experienced the dedication, joy, commitment, patience, guidance, love and therapy that these dogs have provided me, my outcome would not have been good. So now I’m just trying to give back to a breed that has given me so much !!

Thanks for reading and God Bless You.

Edward and Gama
Edward Denny and Gama Lastex. Gama came to the U.S. from Slovakia when she was 2 years old. After a very successful working and breeding career at VZH, she is now retired. Going on 14 years old, Gama is still very active and very much a part of daily VZH activities
Edward and Ruff

Edward with Ruff VZH. She was born at VZH, and came into this World, not much larger than a hamster, and was given no chance for survival. A few days later, she was found extremely cold and on the verge of death after crawling away from her Momma and litter mates. Ruff was the only puppy to survive in her litter. After a very successful working and breeding career, she is retired, 13 years old, and still very active.

Edward and Ruff at play

Edward and Ruff at play