VZH Farm & Kennels


     While VZH places German Shepherds Worldwide, our Kennels are based in Tennessee and Kentucky. Our Tennessee Property is comprised of 12 acres, it features a 1900 square foot home with a full walk out, windowed basement which is our puppy room. The land also features a pond and creek, and is an excellent environment for our Puppies. Our Kentucky property is a 248 acre land which was established as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1968. After Edward Denny, the Owner of VZH acquired the property, it continues to serve as a Wildlife Refuge, a Habitat for Trees and Plants, and now as a Preservation of the German Shepherd Dog. The Ky. property is an incredible land which features a Lake, several ponds and creeks, and over 200 acres of very mature Forest that has many trails. Its a grand environment for German Shepherds.
    While deposits are sometimes accepted thru the mail, we encourage prospective new Owners to visit VZH. We refer to such visits as kennel visits, at which time potential new dog parents are given a tour of the kennels, and have the opportunity to meet our 18 European West German Shepherds. Many of these are elite dogs, some are of the best German Shepherds in the World, and several are high level protection dogs. Visitors to VZH have the opportunity to put their hands on our dogs and socially interact with them. Demonstrations of our dogs abilities are given, including a demonstration of protection work. 
   If Visitors offer a deposit to be placed on our waiting list for a German Shepherd Puppy, and if it is accepted by VZH, future Owners are officially placed on our waiting list. As discussed elsewhere on this website, breeding Authentic German Shepherds is a science, therefor all VZH German Shepherds are handpicked in Europe to be a part of our breeding program. 
    All VZH puppies are evaluated extensively, then custom matched to those on our waiting list. On the day of placement [When new Owners receive their puppy] we conduct what we refer to as a placement conference. On this day, we cover everything A-Z, with new Owners being educated on growth, development, training and nutrition. Because the United States is a country in which the German Shepherd Breed is vastly exploited, with many false stereotypes, and a Country with a very poor and deficient Veterinary System, new Owners are educated on about living in America with a European German Shepherd Dog. 
    VZH is a full service training facility. While we offer training in tracking, protection training is our forte.
   Most breeders in the United States become difficult to reach after getting your money and don't want to hear your concerns and problems. VZH on the other hand  desires to remain involved with our Owners and dogs for life, giving advice and council on owning and living with a European German Shepherd Dog. 
  VZH has over 2000 Owners Worldwide, and we build a relationship and maintain contact with most of our Owners. On two - three occasions annually, VZH holds social events for our Owners. We have a grand time eating, drinking, socializing, Hiking the trails of the Sanctuary, and swapping German Shepherd stories. It also gives our Owners a chance to meet, many of which become good Friends. In fact VZH is somewhat of a network of so many great animal people.  
   Also involved with Kennel operations is Janice Denny, she is the Mother of VZH Owner Edward Denny. Janice resides in the area and takes over care of our puppies after they are separated from their Mother. She [Janice] states that the dogs and puppies of VZH are the only Grandchildren she is ever getting.
   The pictures at the left of this page, are of various kennel operations at our Tennessee location. We hope to have pictures of our Ky property posted soon.  
 Entering VZH- The Gates

At VZH after a long hike
 VZH Wall of Fame
 Edward Denny with the dogs on a VZH trail.
 Edward Denny with a Pack on the Creek.
Ready for a Tennessee Pick-Up ride.
 Children visiting VZH
 A VZH Kennel Visit
 Edward Denny during a VZH Kennel Visit.
Janice Denny with a VZH Puppy
 A VZH placement conference.
 A VZH Social Event
 Jim Walters and John Byrd- Smoking Cigars during a VZH social event
VZH Social Event
 Introductions at one of our Social Events
 Sisters- Jessica and Rene, they work our Beer Hall and grill during Social Events
 VZH Owners partaking of the VZH property during a social event.
VZH is surrounded by water and the Tennessee Valley Authority.
VZH Owners on a hike on the property.
 Edward Denny working a high level protection dog at VZH. His arm did remain intact during this ordeal.