Jake Vom Zeder Haus- owned by the Curtis Family of Portland TN.

       -The Gray Wolf has became an endangered species because of Human greed and bullets. 
        The Authentic German Shepherd has became an endangered species because of Human greed and ignorance! -  Edward Denny

      Keep in mind here that when we say ''German Shepherd'', we are referring to the true European German Shepherd, not the American version of the breed.
    The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent, high energy, very ambitious and versatile dog. They were created from Wolves which is why they are such wonderful working and Family dogs.  Some will tell you that all dogs were created form Wolves which isn't true. All other dogs, along with Coyotes, Hyenas and Jackels all came from a common ancestor. The German Shepherd however was created from Wolves.
   The attributes that all Humans should have-  honesty,integrity,passion,ambition,high intelligence, and the ability to both give and receive affection, all Authentic West German Shepherds have these qualities. It's not what we can teach these dogs, it's what we can learn from them. At Vom Zeder Haus we honestly believe that German Shepherds, not humans are the pinnacle of mammal evolution. We also believe that true German Shepherds are more intelligent than 75% of the human population. Of course these dogs don't have the stimuli of books, TV, internet or the World in general, But regarding healthy cognitive functioning and raw intelligence, these dogs are more intelligent than 75% of the Human population!! 
The German Shepherd in Germany
The German Shepherd is highly praised and very much a part of the culture in German. It's common to see German Shepherds with their Owners in restaurants, Dept. Stores, banks and Beer Halls. German Shepherds are frequently seen with their Owners on the many walking and hiking trails in Germany. Unfortunately greed has infiltrated many of the breeding program in Germany like it always has in the United States. Since the 1990's there has been too much focus on Conformation with breeders in Germany because ''Pretty'' brings buyers and money. As a result, intelligence, instincts, working ability and drives have taken a back seat. Any breeding program should focus on balance and the complete dog. The Vom Zeder Haus breeding program strives to produce the German Shepherd of the 1930's thru the 1980's, a time when the GSD was a complete dog.  Modern Police Departments and the Military are using other breeds of dogs now because the GSD of the last 20 years is a weaker dog. Regarding the Greed that plagues German Shepherd breeding programs Worldwide- One of our very good dog Owners who has been extremly successful in Racing and breeding Thoroughbred Horses, stated the following- ''Greed is a terminal disease''!!  

  The European Breeding Standard

   This is a topic that we could use three of our website pages to discuss, but we will only cover the basics here. In Europe, each Country has a German Shepherd only Registry that acts as a Governing Body for the welfare and reproduction of the German Shepherd Dog. In Europe, Breeders have to qualify and be selected to do so. The same applies to Trainers. Unlike America in which there is no Governing Body for the reproduction of dogs, and ANY person can assume the position of Breeder or Trainer.  
    The German Shepherd Dog is very much a part of the culture, and the reproduction of these animals is closely monitored and governed by the country in which a Breeder resides. German Shepherd Breeders in Europe, typically began as trainers, they are true German Shepherd people with vast knowledge and experience of the breed. German Shepherds in Europe are either true working dogs, or they must have working dog titles before they can be bred. So a breeding German Shepherd in Europe must have been proven to have very high intelligence, instincts, character and drives. This would be the requirements for the DDR German Shepherd. The West German Shepherd, in addition to having to meet the above requirements, must also meet conformation requirements. Thus a West German Shepherd, must also be structurally correct, not over-sized, and good over-all body conformation. Physiologically, a breeding German Shepherd in Europe must meet strict requirements regarding their joints and over-all health. Even from the most elite European German Shepherd lines, less than 10% of the dogs are actually breeding quality dogs. The other 90% are great dogs, but a breeding quality dog is a very elite dog. Before two German Shepherds are bred in Europe, the pedigrees are evaluated very closely, regarding line-breeding, in-crosses, out-crosses and such. ultimately, a litter of German Shepherd puppies in Europe is the result of over 100 years of very select breeding by true German Shepherd professionals!!
    The EUROPEAN standard is why the Real German Shepherd being produced in Europe, or by the handful of breeders in America adhering to the European standard, is a completely different dog than the american version of the breed!

The German-American Shepherd split.

   Unfortunately, 99.9% of all so called German Shepherds here in North America are not European quality dogs, but only a cousin of the true German Shepherd. Until the outbreak of WW II , all German Shepherds in Germany and America were the same. The last dog imported from Germany before the war to have a major impact on the breed was ''Pfeffer Von Bern'' He was the 1937 German or World Sieger before coming to the States and being named the american Sieger. He returned to the U.S in 1938 to again be named the american Sieger. Pfeffer dominated U.S. bloodlines in the late 1930’s and 1940’s. It was very rare to see a German Shepherd pedigree without his name during that time period.
   During WW.II The German Shepherd in America, cut off from its German roots and quite possibly subject to so some Anti-Germany sentiment and German Bashing by americans, went its own way and became a different breed of dog. By the 1960's, German Shepherds were again being imported from Germany and during the 1960's and 70's, there were many good German Shepherds in America. However as a result of greed and mass production, the breed again went its own way. The typical American that thinks they want a German Shepherd, they actually want a Lap dog, or a dog that they can spend time with or give attention as their schedule permits. So most modern German Shepherd Breeders particulary those in America, do not breed for Intelligence, instincts or working ability, they breed for a dog that can be content laying around the house or backyard of a subdivision. The same thing happened to the Collie, St. Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dogs and many other breeds of dogs. These were all serious working breeds in Europe, but over the last 50 years they were imported to America, bred and sold to americans who really wanted Lap dogs. Such breeds in America now can't work, they are like many mixed breed dogs, maybe a good pet, but just a dog.
     Most Vom Zeder Haus dog owners live in Sub-Divisions and highly populated residential areas and they do not work their dogs. They are Family companions and that is fine with us. Such dogs however are custom matched to these environments, which is why a person who is seeking a real or true German Shepherd dog, can't pick their own puppy. Real German Shepherds are extremely high functioning working dogs, they need much exercise, and much physical and mental stimulation. True German Shepherds must be custom matched to their environment, depending on what a person or Family desires in a dog.
The bottom line here is that the German Shepherd in Europe, as well as Real German Shepherds owned and re-produced by a handful of breeders in the U.S., is and will always be a completely different dog than the american version of the breed.

     German Shepherd Sub-species
    There are Three types of German Shepherds- The americanized-German Shepherd, East German/DDR Shepherds and West German Shepherds. 
       Americanized-German Shepherds are not a true German Shepherd. These dogs lack the intelligence, instincts, working ability, color and pigmentation, and good health that is required of the breed standard. We also refer to these dogs as ''Watered Down German Shepherds''. Unfortunately, americanized German Shepherds literally make up 99.9% of the so called German Shepherd population in the United States. The americanized German Shepherd is a result of puppy mills in the United States and/or the result of people in the U.S. acquiring German Shepherds, and with very little knowledge about the breed or about breeding,they just begin producing puppies and ''selling'' them to people who themselves no very little about German Shepherds, or to people in which quality means very little and they just want a so called ''German Shepherd''. Unfortunately, all of this is supported by people who purchase these dogs.
      East German/Czech/DDR German Shepherds are all the same type of German Shepherd and they are excellent dogs!! However they are bred for their working ability only, and while they are very intelligent, many find them a little too hyper and aggressive for the home environment. East German dogs are either black, sable, or black and tan in color.
     Many years ago, the West Germans felt a need to improve on their dogs and took the bred to another level....thus creating the West German Dog....Thru very select breeding, The West German dogs while maintaining all of the drive, working ability and instincts, evolved into a more refined, very elegant, more attractive dog, with better color and pigmentation, being black and red-saddle back.The West German dogs also tend to be more level headed and more adaptable to various social situations. In other words, they know when to turn the drive off, thus making them better suited for families and non-working environments. Today, West German dogs, while very expensive to acquire from Europe, are a very versatile dog and assume many roles both in Europe and the U.S. ranging from Police work, to family companions. It is these magnificent West German Shepherds that Vom Zeder Haus is so privileged to have in our kennel.


     Many americans have heard of Schutzhund, but either don't know what it is, or have mis-conceptions about what it is. In German, Schutzhund means ''Sport Dog''. When the German Shepherd Breed was being developed in the early 1900's, they only wanted to breed dogs that had proved their worthiness in work, such as War dogs, Police Dogs, Border patrol dogs and such, because the developers of German Shepherds only wanted to breed dogs that had proved that they had the intelligence, instincts, drives and durability to work. The problem was that there were only so many working German Shepherds at turn of the century 1900 Germany. So they created Schutzhund, which was to train dogs for work, then conduct Trials simulating a working environment. If the dog passed, he or she received a Schutzhund Title. Thus only true working dogs, or Schutzhund titled dogs, could then be bred. Schutzhund consist of three entities of work- Obedience, Tracking, and Protection. There are then three levels of achievement- Sch I, Sch II, and Sch III. Each Level being more demanding of the dog. Up until the 1980's, true working and protection dogs, and Schutzhund dogs were considered the same. However, over the years Schutzhund has became a social event, more for the Dog Owners and less demanding of the dogs. Modern Schutzhund Judges do not judge dogs with the same scrutiny and expectations, as did Judges of years ago. There is a mis-conception about German Shepherds that the best dogs are dogs with Schutzhund Titles, however this isn't true. The best German Shepherds in the World are real life working dogs, such as Police and Military dogs, as well as Protection, herding and Tracking dogs. The modern Schutzhund Titled dog is now considered a competition dog, rather than a true working dog, by many of the long standing German Shepherd Trainers and Breeders. While Schutzhund Titles may come easier than they did years ago, European German Shepherds are working dogs with a very high level of cognitive and physical energy, therefore the physical and mental stimulation of Schutzhund activities can be very good for the dogs and the Owners.  


         The American Veterinary System  
  If you are under 40 years of age, think about the dogs that your Grandparents had. If you are over 40, think about the dogs you had as a child. These pre-1985 dogs lived to be 13-17 years of age, and were never ill in their life. Now lets jump to 2017- most modern dogs in America live to be 5-11 years of age, with many health problems such as Cancer [including Leukemia], they have diabetes, Seizures, kidney problems, liver, pancreatic, stomach and intestinal problems. Modern dogs also have many joint problems including Hip and elbow dysplasia. These issues very rarely existed years ago, why? Because American Veterinarians have created these diseases by spaying and neutering, Over Vaccinating, and overmedicating. Prior to 1980, a person may have to drive an hour to find a Veterinarian. In 2017, every small town with 3 red lights has 2-3 Veterinarians. Therefor this is a profession of survival, rather than a profession for the welfare of your dog. People go to Vet school because they love animals, however once out of school, they have vast loans to re-pay, the cost of living, and the overhead associated with their business. Their biggest problem is competition, as there are most likely 100+ other Veterinarians within a 50 mile radius of a U.S. Vets location who also need to generate money. Such is why that if you research ''American Veterinarian and Suicide'' you will sadly learn that this profession is one of the leading professions for suicide each year in America. This is attributed to debt. American veterinary schools know this, and therefor are teaching their students how to make money, rather than how to provide honest, effective care to animals. What's more sad is that modern American Veterinarians are destroying dogs in America by selling dogs Owners un-needed medications and vaccines for their dogs, after many times making false diagnosis. 
   In European Countries there is Governing Body for the  Veterinary System, the Veterinary system here is self governing. Of course this is a conflict of interest, or in other words, its like the Fox guarding the Henhouse. So as Great as America is, we have the Worst Veterinary System of ANY Country in the World. The Veterinary System was good in the U.S. until 1978, then Greed set in, followed by Corruption. ANY dog that is being regularly exposed to an American Veterinarian is slowly being Physiologically deteriorated by the Vaccines, heart worm preventative, and Pesticides in the form of Flea and Tick Preventative. Either the Intestines, kidneys, Liver, or Pancreas will eventually fail. If not, then the dog will succumb to Cancer as a result of the Immune system being destroyed by the American Veterinarian. This all begins with spaying and neutering which creates Immune system deficiency- ( explained in detail on this website ). The immune system and bodily organs are then destroyed with repeated Vaccines ( Vaccinosis- also discussed on this website ) and Ivermectin ( Heart Worm Preventative). Long term and year round use of products regularly used by American Veterinarians such as Trifexis and Nexgard are also destroying the organs.
    Many dogs die during surgery ( many times unnecessary surgeries ) as the American Veterinarian is unaware that many dogs ( Especially European dogs) are very sensitive to Anesthesia.  The American Vet will then tell the Owner that their dog must have had a weak heart or was septic, when simply too much anesthesia was used thus killing the dog. You know the State laws requiring a dog to have the extremely damaging Rabies Vaccines repeatedly every 1-3 years ? Who do you think set those rules for State and County Legislators to make into Law? That's right, the people selling the Vaccines- the American veterinary system!! I would like to add a ( LOL ) here but I can't- this is too sad!!  American veterinarians are totally oblivious to everything you are reading here, because their education taught them how to make money, NOT how to keep your dog alive! Aspiring Veterinarians in America are also victims, but they are corrupted in American veterinary school, then become Perpetrators upon beginning practice

      Veterinary Medicine was founded and developed in Europe in the 1700's, whilst America was hardly civilized. Comparing an American Vet school to a European Vet School is like comparing Elementary school to Graduate school. However for several years now, the American Veterinary System will not allow Euro Vets to practice in America, using the excuse that Euro Vet Schools are inadequate ( I would like to add a LOL here, but again this is too sad ).  The American Vet System denies Euro Vets as they don't want them here speaking out and bucking the system!! 

There are some good Veterinarians in the United States, we have found a good one in Versailles Ky, but they are very few. These would be people who have been practicing for many years, were educated during the old school approach most likely before 1978, and are financially secure. Regarding the  American Veterinary System killing so many dogs, this is all occurring as a result of GREED, but as it is said- Greed is a Terminal Disease. 
      Most Americans are surprised to learn that in Europe, which has been Civilized and Practicing Veterinary Medicine for Centuries, that only one anti-Viral Vaccine is given- at 12 weeks of age-that's it for life. Only one Rabies Vaccine is given- at post 8 months of age- that's it for life. Dogs in Europe are NOT spayed and Neutered, because Europeans have common sense, and know that same as Humans, dogs need their Hormones.
There is no Toxic Heart Worm preventative in Europe ( The so called heart worm epidemic in America is basically a Fraud!! )  This is all because European Governments monitor the number of Veterinary License granted, unlike American Vet schools which are after the Tuition, and American State Governments which are after the Licensing fees. So European Vets can practice for the welfare of Animals, not in a position of Financial Survival due to competition, as is the quagmire that American Veterinarians are in.
   The American Veterinary system used to be good, so what happened to it? -   Prior to 1978 there were 15 Veterinary schools in the United States. It had been evaluated and concluded years ago that this number of schools, graduating 35-45 new Veterinarians would cover the positions left by retirees, and ultimately cover the needs of Americans needing Veterinary services. During this time ( prior to 1978 ) the European approach to Dog health and welfare as mentioned above was the standard.  However, Universities knew they were turning away many potential Veterinary students ( Tuition Fees ), and greed set in, so new Veterinary schools begin popping up across America. By the year 2000, 17 more schools had been built bringing the total to 32 Veterinary Schools. The schools also began accepting more Veterinary Students, now typically 50-70 per class. So beginning in the early 1980's, the American veterinary System realized that they were putting too many Vets in society, that these people were NOT going to financially survive. So after over 100 years of following the European protocol ( which was correct and working) The American Veterinary System suddenly decided that one Vaccine wasn't enough- suddenly they needed to be given annually. Suddenly we had a Heart Worm epidemic .  Suddenly- dogs brought in with simple injuries began to be diagnosed as genetic, chronic life-long conditions that would need ongoing care and meds. Rather then only mentioned spaying or neutering to dog Owners, American veterinarians began to bogusly and fraudulently tell Owners that not doing so would create health and behavior problems. During the 1980's, the lifespan of all animals- Dogs, Cats, horses ect. began to drastically decline because of this sudden change in American Veterinary practice.  This is also when the Cancer, diabetes, and organ problems began in America with dogs.
    Americans are BRAINWASHED- thinking that they must take their dogs to an American Veterinarian. Europeans do NOT take their dogs to vets unless a broken bone, serious laceration, or dehydration, and Euro Vets  can make a living practicing HONEST Veterinary Medicine, as they aren't smothered with competition and debt.  
    Of course dogs aren't the only victims of Veterinarians in this Country , there hadn't been a Triple Crown Winner in U.S. Horse racing from 1978, (just before the baby boom of Vets in this country) until 2015. There were three TC Winners in the 1970's alone, but beginning in the late 1970's U.S. Vets infiltrated the Race Horse industry convincing horse Trainers and breeders that their horses needed various medications and vaccines. So same as dogs, U.S. Vets destroyed Thoroughbreds in the United States. The modern Thoroughbred has been plagued with health problems including soft bones from the Vaccines and Medicines. Less then 50% of U.S. Thoroughbred's bred for racing even make it to the Race track now. Of those, only a small percentage can run on a competitive level as they succumb to Digestive problems, soft tissue injury, or broken bones. The modern Thoroughbred can barely race a mile, compared to pre-1980 Horses that could routinely race at 1 1/4- 1 1/2 miles, as their bodies have been weakened and their stamina gone. This is all attributed to the American Veterinarian and their drugs. Prominent Race Horse Owner and VZH dog Owner Arthur Hancock testified before Congress and helped to get laws passed prohibiting unnecessary Meds and Vaccines in horses. Over the past 7-8 years, many drugs and Vaccines that U.S. Vets have been administering to Horses have been banned, and many American Veterinarians have had their licenses suspended or revoked. So hopefully beginning with Race Horse- American Pharaoh, we will begin to see more healthy Thoroughbreds.           
    U.S. Vets have also destroyed Cats with Meds and Vaccines. Their average lifespan in 2017 is 12 years of age. Pre- 1980 cats lived on average of 17 years.  
    Orcas ( Killer Whales) in the wild live to be 60-90 years of age. Orcas in captivity under the care of the American Veterinarian only live to be 25-30 years of age, because of the medicines and vaccines that Vets are administering to them. 
    Since 2005 VZH has sent letters to the Heads of every Veterinary School within the United States. We have also sent letters to all 50 U.S. State Boards of Veterinary Medicine, as well as the National Board of Veterinary Medicine. Additionally we have offered to educate numerous American Veterinarians in a class room setting at our Kennel. We have simply ask the system to revert to the pre-1980 way of practicing Veterinary Medicine in the U.S., or the way they have been doing it in Europe for over 150 years.  Of course these people ignore this information, because if U.S. Vets stop over-medicating and over-Vaccinating, stop spaying and neutering, stop manufacturing diagnosis-within 2 months 99% of American Vets will be applying for Unemployment benefits and food stamps. They will loose that house and car, Veterinary schools will close, State Veterinary Board Employees, Vet techs, assistants, Animal pharmaceutical company employees-  Hundreds of thousands of people would be out of work. That can't happen, and that's what makes the American Veterinary System such a sad, destitute entity.      
       After years of myself ( Edward Denny ) being a Lone Wolf in creating education and awareness on these issues, we are glad that others are now also coming forward, such as Retired American Veterinarian Richard Pitcairn DVM PhD., Catherine J.M. Diodati, Darla Lafranco, and Leerburg Training Enterprises Owner Ed Frawley has began to speak out against the American Veterinary System.     
    The work that is being done now by my self- Edward Denny,  the American Humane Society / Dateline, and others, will be the foundation for the changes later.
In 100-200 years from now, people will look back at what American Veterinarians are doing to animals in this country and it will be considered Barbaric.     
   Regarding false diagnostics by the American Veterinarian, that will be discussed later on this page.




                   Spaying and Neutering


          We will begin with this....All american German Shepherds and mixed breed dogs should be spayed and neutered. However, True European German Shepherd Males should NEVER be neutered, and Females never spayed unless necessary. This because Mammels have to have their hormones for normal cognitive and physiological functioning and development. Spaying and Neutering dogs and cats began in the 1960's as a push to control the pet population. However this was also a time when most pet Owners allowed their animals to roam free wherever they lived. However these procedures became a major source of income for the American Vet, with no regard for the damage it was causing dogs.   The primary reason that middle aged Humans begin to loose their hair color, muscle and bone volume, energy, skin thickness, immune system responses, and experience a decrease in cognitive fucntioning is due to a decrease of Hormone production. In Humans this is called Andro or Menopause.  When a dog is neutered or spayed, the hormones are taken away, and you just caused a host of mental and physical deficiencies for your dog. Immune system deficiency is automatic and instantaneously.   The bone, muscle, color, and protective instincts will NEVER develop or are taken away. In a Euro GSD, you have just taken the German Shepherd out of the dog.  You have also altered the dogs emotional, psychological, and cognitive development/functioning.   So why do American Veterinarians NOT tell you this? - Two reasons.... #1 U.S. Vets receive a large portion of their income by spaying and neutering. #2 Most U.S. Vets are simply uneducated regarding Hormone production and its roles physiologically in the Mammal body. U.S. Vets encourage dog Owners to allow them to do these procedures by mentioning the risk of Ovarian and Testicular Cancer, as well as other benefits of Spaying and Neutering. Yes dogs can't acquire Cancer in these organs because they have been removed, however,  the chance of overall bodily Cancer has just been increased 4-5x.  Keep in mind also that U.S. Veterinarians know very little about European German Shepherds and most have NEVER even seen one. Spaying and neutering is also the culprit of many joint problems  in dogs as it alters bone and soft tissue development. This butchering of dogs in this country, also vastly slows a dogs metabolism, thus leading to more health issues including obesity. If you were to walk into a Veterinary Clinic in Europe and ask to have your dog spayed or neutered, you may get the same response as if you took a Human child into a medical clinic and asked to have a castration or hysterectomy  performed . As stated earlier on this website, Authentic European German Shepherds are very pure Mammals that are the result of 100+ years of very select breeding. Their bodies depend on hormone production for normal functioning,  so when you take away the hormones, you have damaged their bodies. These procedures being done to European German Shepherds in America, are part of the exploitation and ignorance that plague these dogs in this country.  Why do many so called German Shepherd Breeders in the U.S. want their dog Owners to spay and Neuter? So you can't start breeding and become competition to them! 
     Breeding German Shepherds should only be done by very experienced breeding professionals. However neutering and spaying these dogs should never be be done unless a life or death situation.

   Dogs only need three anti-viral [Parvo, Distemper, etc.] Vaccines to be protected for life. These Vaccines should occur between 7-15 weeks of age, in 3-4 week intervals. Then one Rabies vaccine between 8-9 months of age. Any more Vaccines such as the annual vaccines given by the American Vet, are very damaging to your dog, and will ultimately kill your dog. Each time a Vaccine is given, the body produces auto immune anti-bodies that remain in the dogs body to fight that disease later. After three anti-viral Vaccs, and one Rabies Vacc., the dogs body has built lifetime immunity for such diseases. However when further vaccines are given, the body continues to produce auto-antibodies, but their body already has enough of these, so these new anti-bodies begin to attack the dogs body internally, causing vast immune system and organ damage. Along with spaying and neutering, such is why modern dogs in America are ravaged with Cancers and organ problems. 
   The same applies with many medications such as Ivermectin, which is the active ingredient in Heart Worm preventatives. In 95% of the United States, a dog can only acquire heart worms from approximately April thru Sept. Most American Vets are prescribing this harsh, toxic medication, annually, which is also damaging and killing dogs. They do this for your money.   

            False and manufactured diagnosis by the American Veterinarian. 
          Just like humans, animals become injured by straining muscles, ligaments and tendons. They sometimes have diarrhea or an upset stomach. In the summer months, many dogs become itchy and scratch allot.  However the American Veterinarian cannot make money by telling you that your dog is injured, or that the issue is temporary thus prescribing rest, Kaopec, or possibly an anti-inflammatory. They need to take the approach that you dogs problem is genetic/hereditary, thus being chronic and life lasting. Therefore your visit to the Vet for a twisted ankle or foot, or upset stomach, or an itchy dog, turns into blood/lab work, X-rays, skin scrapes, stool samples, along with various other diagnostic test. You then leave the veterinarians clinic with a $300.00+ bill, another visit and further test scheduled. You have also been told that your dogs problem is most likely incurable, thus requiring a lifetime of Vet visits, procedures and medications. Unlike Human Doctors who can practice preventative Medicine, give you a clean bill of health along with advice on how to remain healthy, then still make a living doing so, that's not the case for the American Veterinarian. In order for these people to eat and pay their bills, they have to find problems and make diagnosis with your dog. This is very sad and unfortunate, but just a cold hard fact.  
     Such is one reason that you only want to acquire an Authentic German Shepherd from a professional breeding program. Authentic GSD's are very healthy, hardy dogs. So when you do acquire such a dog from a quality breeding program, the Breeder will be extremely knowledgeable on the breed, thus being able to advise you in all areas regarding your dog. Your best approach for keeping a dog healthy in America, is to take the approach that your Grandparents took- Don't spay or neuter your dog, and don't take them to the American Veterinarian. Then like your Grandparents dogs, yours will live to be 15+, and always healthy.
    We also want to add here that VZH doesn't want to stereotype.  There are some good Vets in America, but very, very few. Most of these are vets who are 60+ years of age, having been practicing for many years, and are financially secure. 
    Here are a few simple ways of determining if an American veterinarian has your dogs welfare in mind, or whether they are more concerned about your money-  Does a Vet ask to spay or neuter your dog, when no life threatening issue is present to warrant the procedure. If the answer is yes, then that Vet is very ignorant, and or corrupt. 
   Do you reside anywhere other than the extreme southern U.S. such as Florida, or the very southern areas of Al, MS, La, TX. etc. and your Vet is prescribing year around heart worm preventative?  If so, your Veterinarian is very ignorant and or corrupt. Does your Veterinarian want to administer annual Vaccines to your dog? If so, then again, your Veterinarian is incompetent. We have began to realize that the primarily problem is not that U.S. Vets want to be corrupt, it starts with their education. U.S. Vet schools are teaching their students how to generate money rather than keep your dog healthy, because if Veterinarians can't make a living, then the Vet schools will go out of business, and the entire industry is in trouble.  

                                       Hip Dysplasia
           Info coming soon- 


                    Training Dogs

       In Europe, a person has to become highly trained and certified to call themselves a dog Trainer.  In America However, same as a breeder, a person can just call themselves a Trainer. Many times they will list schools, training, certifications and such that any person can attend, and with a fee, every person gets a certificate. Our point here is that very few people in American are qualified to train dogs, especially European Working dogs.
   Here are things to observe that will red flag people who are NOT true Trainers-  Do this person want to provide structured training to a sub 12 week old puppy? Does the Trainer want to train a sub 16 week old in a group setting rather then as an individual?   Does the so called trainer use food and treats as training aids?   Does a so called Trainer use devices such as a shock collar, or spike / pinch collar on their students?  If yes to any of these questions, the so called trainer is not one. They are after your money, thus doing what's best for them, rather then what's best for your dog. Such a person has found an avenue to make money from naïve Americans. They may even be an honest person, just ignorant regarding the training of dogs. 

     VZH is available to discuss further, any of the topics on this page.  For such discussion, please contact us at 502-604-8195. You will most likely receive our answering service, but leave a message and we will return your call.