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     Before you read our puppies page, we want to remind you that the main purpose of this website is to educate you about the German Shepherd Breed. If we find a responsible person to place a puppy with in the process, then so be it. The main thing is that you don't support one of the MILLIONS of so called German Shepherd breeders in the United States who are exploiting this breed. By exploiting we mean breeding inferior dogs, and/or conducting a puppymill operation, producing inferior puppies that do not meet the breed standard for quality, and of course doing it all for your MONEY!!
   We also want to remind you that by choice, over 90% of our dogs and puppies are placed with Families and individuals as Family/Companion dogs.
       When you acquire a German Shepherd puppy or dog from a good Breeder you have accomplished three things- #1-You have acquired a quality dog #2 You have a resource for all of your questions and concerns for the life of your dog-The Breeder. #3 You have supported and protected the heritage, integrity, wellfare, and future of the Authentic German Shepherd.
     When you acquire a dog from one of the Millions of BAD, so called ''German Shepherd'' breeders on this planet and particulary in the United States, you have also acomplished three things- #1 you have acquired an inferior dog #2  You have acquired a dog from a person that is exploiting this breed, and from someone who most likely knows very little about the breed. You are then on your own in trying to raise your dog, and probably at the mercy of the typical finacially strained, pill/vaccine pushing American Veterinarian. #3 You have supported the exploitaion and demise of the German Shepherd breed.    So how do you know the difference between the Good and Bad German Shepherd breeders?  By reading this website, visiting as many German Shepherd kennels as you can, and using good old common sense!!  Many Americans wants the quick and easy way, and thats what supports the Millions of bad breeders in the United States, and why there are so many negative stereotypes with the so called ''German Shepherd''.
    Even in the True European German Shepherd Breed, only approximatley 5% of these dogs are breed quality dogs. A breed quality dog is a dog that possesses the mental and physical attributes than can be reproduced to take the breed forward. Breed quality German Shepherds are dogs that have extreme intelligence and appitude, and they are either real life working dogs, or they are Schutzhund Titled. Conformationally, they are very structurally correct. The other 95% of Authentic German Shepherds are good dogs, but in order to keep getting the  good 95%, only those elite 5% can be bred. When people breed the 95%, then the quality of the breed as a whole comes down. 
     In order to produce European quality German Shepherds, the breeding program has to involve these very select dogs and then be carried out by Breeders who have the knowledge to do so. Unless you are well educated about the breed, pedigrees, conformation, working dogs, and genetic reproduction,  then it could be very confusing and frustrating for a person in America who simply wants a quality German Shepherd as a companion or Family dog from a quality breeding program. There is one sure-fire easy way to immediately recognize whether in fact a so called breeder is producing Authentic German Shepherds, or whether they are producing the typical American bred version of the breed. ANYTIME, and we mean ANYTIME that a so called German Shepherd breeder has live puppies for sale, or tells you that they can provide you with a puppy within a few weeks, this is someone who is producing the inferior and typical American German Shepherd.  Here's why....  Breeders that are reproducing Authentic German Shepherds are focusing on quality and improving the breed, not on quantity and your money.  Because of the demand for Authentic German Shepherds Worldwide, the production of these dogs cannot meet the demand. So Breeders with True German Shepherds are overwhelmed  with request for their dogs and maintain a waiting list for them. The so called breeders in America that frequently or always have live puppies for sale, these are people who are breeding and producing inferior watered down so called German Shepherds. They just breed and hope people come along to purchase them.  People who are knowledgable and educated about the German Shepherd Breed don't want such dogs, they go to breeders with Authentic German Shepherds, and hope to be placed on their waiting list. Americans who are breeding inferior German Shepherds acquire dogs anywhere they can get them and can afford them, such as from the large commercial puppymill operations that are always culling dogs. Or from websites where thousands of breeders from all over the world continuously have dogs fro sale. Many German Shepherds born in Europe do not meet the breed standerd for quality and are not wanted in Europe. These dogs end up in Amerca, with so called breeders that were willing to purchase them. Then with little knowledge about the breed or breeding, americans produce these dogs and then sell them to other americans who also have little knowledge about the breed. Just remember the following- The German Shepherd dog is the most sought after animal in the World, and there are 7.5 Billion people on this planet, so ANYTIME a so called German Shepherd breeder has live puppies for sale, their production outweighs the demand for their dogs, and there is simply NO excuse for that. Such breeders are either running Puppy Mills, or producing inferior dogs that knowledgeable educated people don't want!  
      To acquire an Authentic German Shepherd from any breeder reproducing such dogs,  you must first be selected as a placement, then placed on a waiting list for a short while. Unfortunately, some people are either too stubborn, or do not have the open-mindedness to comprehend that producing Authentic German Shepherds is a process. Or with children crying for a dog or a spouse wanting a dog, some people are dead set on acquiring a German Shepherd quickly. If you find that you fall into one of these categories, and your absolutely going to acquire a dog within the next few weeks or next month, don't support the puppy mills and the people exploiting the German Shepherd breed!!.....Your local animal shelter or rescue organization has many good dogs that need adoption!!
   When professional German Shepherd Breeders in America seek to acquire German Shepherds, we have to go thru the same process. We contact elite breeders in Europe and we have to hope that they choose to place a dog with us. We then have to wait until one comes available. The difference is that we have to pay $5000.00-$75,000 each for our dogs. T
he Legendary kennels in Germany which are the foundation of the German Shepherd Breed, such as Arminius, Wildsteiger Land, Wienerau, Noricum, Rottumstrand, Kisselschlucht, Osnabrucker Land, Kirschental and Alexyro Land, some of these kennels have been in business for over 80 years and they have NEVER had live German Shepherd puppies for sale! Again, a professional breeding program with Authentic European Quality German Shepherds, simply does not produce puppies then hope some person comes along to buy one. Breeding and producing Authentic German Shepherds is a process, and the PRE-ARRANGED placements reap the benefits by acquiring a puppy, and only for a fee that will support the process.We will make two examples here to put all this in prospective.... If your a home Owner, you know that Roofers and flooring people that will do a good job for you, you will have to wait weeks for them to get started on your home. However the people that will do a poor or mediocre job for you, they will be there tomorrow. If you want an automobile, you can go down to Big Larrys car lot and ultimately deal with Big Larry, his  warranties and his mechanics. Or you can go to your BMW Dealer. Were not talking about price here, were talking about quality,professionalism and service.  Again, ANYTIME a so called German Shepherd Breeder has live puppies for sale, keep looking or go to your local animal shelter or rescue organization and adopt a dog.    
        Sometimes people tell us that they know good breeders that have live puppies for sale and that they are under $1000.00.  Our response is that such so called German Shepherds, just like mixed breed dogs might make you a good pet, but you have no idea what you are getting both physically and mentally/behaviorally. Also, just like mixed breed dogs they are NOT authentic German Shepherds, we are talking apples and oranges here. We sometimes receive calls from people that are offended by our website because they have an American bred German Shepherds that they love. We don't doubt that these people have a good family pet, but again they don't have an authentic German Shepherd. Furthermore for every decent family pet that their breeder produced, they have produced 10 with health and behavior problems. Most American breeders will sell their so called German Shepherds to ANY person that shows up with money. It is understood that when many American breeders have puppies that are approaching 10-11 weeks of age with no buyers, that they begin calling pet shops, placing ads all over the internet, or even contacting laboratories that acquire dogs to be used for scientific testing......    With all of this being said, we want to make a point here....... We are not perfect nor are our dogs. However we will only breed and produce Authentic World class German Shepherds, we will only do this on a professional level, and we will only place our dogs with intelligent, responsible high functioning people!!!!
     It doesn't matter how good a website looks or what it says. It doesn't matter how good the pictures look, it doesn't matter what title a breeder is claiming such as a Physician, Attorney, Trainer, Veterinarian, member of the German S.V. etc. Regardless of the pedigrees that are listed and whether a dog is an import. It's whether a dog is a European Quality German Shepherd, whether it is then a breed quality dog, and whether a so called breeder has the means and knowledge to produce authentic European quality German Shepherd puppies. With the lack of knowledge and mis-understanding of the German Shepherd breed by Americans, there are more people exploiting this breed in the United States than all other countries combined!!  In many cases, its simply a situatioin in which the so-called breeder may be an honest person, they just know very little about the breed, and probably less than you do. ALWAYS visit a kennel before choosing a breeder, ask the questions and follow the advice that we give you on this website, and as a result NO person will con you or sell you an inferior dog!!
   In Germany, S.V. has always closely governed, moniterd and limited the amount of puppies that a breeder can produce in because they want the focus to be on improving the breed and quality, not monetary gain.  Of course in America, there is no such governing body, so with 30+ dog registery organizations in existence, any person can call themselves a breeder, and any so called German Shepherd can be registerd as a ''German Shepherd Dog''. Of course in America, these dogs are produced for one reason.... Your MONEY. 
       Even dogs that are imported to the U.S. from Europe are seldom high quality dogs.While the Europeans will trade among themselves, the best German Shepherds in Europe rarely make it to the United States.The German Shepherds that you see in the magazines and all over the internet that are being advertised as World Class dogs, While these dogs may be imports, 95% of the time, these are dogs that were not wanted in Europe because they can't work or have significant structural flaws. For a person in the U.S. to obtain high quality German Shepherds from Europe, he or she must have excellent contacts there. Then he or she must be in a position to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars. If the reason for breeding German Shepherds is money, this is NOT going to happen!! You may be thinking to yourself ''But I only want a pet'' your seeking a German Shepherd because you want a quality dog, and the German Shepherd that you choose, will be a member of your family for 12-15 years!!!!
       Even when authentic German Shepherds are bred, there are at least 50.000 genetic variations that are in play.No German Shepherd is perfect, so the breed quality dog then has to be bred with another breed quality dog in which ones weaknesses are offset by the others strengths. A German Shepherd breeder has to know which genetics are prone to be more recessive, and which genetics and traits are apt to be carried and reproduced thru the Y chromosome and which thru the X chromosome.Then there are in-crosses and out-crosses regarding particular dogs and pedigrees. A German Shepherd breeder has to know all these things and then be able to apply this knowledge in an effective way in order to produce the highest quality puppies and improve the German Shepherd breed .There is a science to reproducing any mammal in an effective way,especially animals such as German Shepherds in which many of their traits and characteristics can easily go one way or another. The point here is that reproducing a fine tuned, high performance animal which is the result of 120 years of very select breeding under the supervision of the German S.V. is very much a science. For Americans to try to reproduce an animal that the Europeans have been carefully breeding for 120 years, is like taking a new Ferrari or Maserati to some U.S. garage or mechanic and telling them to work on it!!  
        Regarding placing puppies, we temperament test each puppy and gain much info about a persons lifestyle in order to custom match the right person with the right dog. Example....Lets say we have a person wanting a dog for a very high level of protection, then we have a person with 4 cats wanting a dog, and then we have a person or a family wanting a dog for companionship, protection, running partner etc. Thats why we temperament test our puppies and then match them to the appropriate environment. A so called German Shepherd Breeder who will just let you pick a puppy doesn't care about you or their dogs, they just want your money!! If a person who teaches music, reads poetry and partakes of Opera, walks into a child adoption agency to adopt a child, then a person who coaches High School Football, goes hunting, fishing and camping, shoots guns etc. walks into the same agency to adopt a child, were talking about two completely different children for these families. The adopting families don't know the difference in the children, but the Adoption home administrator should!! The same applies with Professional German Shepherd breeders when they are placing puppies with new owners!! All Vom Zeder Haus Puppies are custom matched to their new owners, depending on the Owners environment, lifestyle, and what they want in a German Shepherd. ANYTIME you see German Shepherd puppies advertised as 1st pick, 2nd pick, show quality, pet quality,or Schutzhund quality, this is a breeder that knows less about the German Shepherd Breed than you do!! When we place a puppy, the new owner MUST be satisfied with it, thats what our Buy Back policy is about. You see if you're not satisfied with your puppy, its not satisfied with you either, the Buy Back policy protects our dogs!!
   Regarding conformation and structure, experienced professional breeders can evaluate temperament in puppies. Such Breeders can also evaluate coat texture and bone volume, but for a person to tell you that a German Shepherd puppy is a show quality dog, is no more ridiculous than if you were adopting a 6 month old human child, and the adoption agency told you that the child would grow up to look like a Super Model!!!!!! People advertise puppies like that as to try to get more money from you. Keep in mind however that well bred True German Shepherd puppies are very uniform physically, but their will still be variations in their conformation and physical structure.

    The price of a Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherd puppy is 1500.00. If we priced our puppies at 3500.00 we still couldn't meet the demand,however at 1500.00 we are able to cover our overhead and that's all we want to do. We know of no other kennel however placing German quality,confirmation/Schutzhund quality puppies from West German VA lines for under 1800.00. Most are 2500.00-3500.00.You may be told that dogs are German quality/German lines etc. Just do a little research,visit as many kennels as you can, and most of all....Use common sense!!
     When considering a breeder ask them the following....Why are you breeding? What is your means of financial support? Ask a German Shepherd breeder about how they are applying in-crossing and out-crossing in their breeding program, as well as Genetic Diversity. Ask a Breeder how each dog in their breeding program is re-producing thru their Y Chromosome vs their X Chromosome. Additionally, ask a breeder about Genetic Expression within their breeding program, and its function with each dog that is being used for breeding. Ask about line breeding in a breeders program, ask what dogs that they are line breeding on and why. Now as a person seeking to find a good German Shepherd breeder, you shouldn't have to know what these terms mean, however a breeder should not only know what such terms are, but he or she should be able to describe each in detail, and how they are being used and applied within their breeding program. Ask a so called German Shepherd Breeder about their training experience, how many dogs have they trained for REAL work or how many dogs have they trained for Schutzhund..... So why ask a so called German Shepherd breeder these questions? Because you are asking for CREDENTIALS!! In America, ANY person, regardless of their background, character and experience with this breed, can call them self a German Shepherd Breeder! As stated earlier, with over THIRTY dog registries organizations in America, ANY so called German Shepherd dog can be registered as a...."German Shepherd dog". The irresponsible, laid-back approach that Americans take when pursuing a German Shepherd is how and why the Millions of puppy mills and people producing inferior dogs, have been getting away with this for YEARS!
     When seeking a breeder, you want to know that you will get ''Service after the sale'' Regarding growth and cognitive development, medical issues and training, your breeder should be very knowledgeable in all of these fields. You shouldn't have to rely on some financially strained American Veterinarian who knows very little about European dogs and probably has never even seen an actual European German Shepherd to help raise your dog. Nor should you have to rely on books or some internet chat-room or forum to try to raise your dog. 
       Visit as many kennels as you can, you will personally see and experience the difference between dogs that are bred by novice breeders breeding inferior dogs for monetary gain, and professional breeders, both breeding and producing Authentic European quality dogs....Even though you may only be seeking a dog as a family companion,your seeking a German Shepherd because that they are intelligent noble animals that should be capable of performing an array of tasks. Dogs that are being bred should be very elite working dogs.Tell a breeder that you want to see their dogs perform and that you want to see them work.The breeder should be willing to show their dogs perform in obedience, tracking or protection, and this should be done while the dog is off a leash, only under verbal control. If the breeder is unwilling to do these things,thats because they are breeding inferior dogs that CAN"T do these things. If A German Shepherd is not capable of work, then they are not an Authentic German Shepherd. If a breeder tells you that a 2+ year old dog is untrained, that is no excuse! Again breed quality dogs are dogs that have PROVEN to be working dogs. While many Families and private individuals have Elite German Shepherds as companion/Family dogs that don't need formal training, breeding dogs must be trained, and breeders must be current or former Trainers, so there is NO excuse for a breeding age dog not to be trained for some type of work.
      When visiting a kennel, you and your children should be able to put your hands on highly aggressive trained protection dogs. Any kennel is apt to have one or two ''Hot'' or unfinished dogs that you can't pet, but you and your Family should be able to physically and socially interact with most Protection dogs within a breeding program. If not, then these are dogs that do not have the chracter and discretion qualities to be breed quality dogs!!
      Professional breeders will have several dogs in their kennel.This is so they won't over breed the dogs that they have, and a quality breeding program designed to take the breed forward requires several German Shepherds with various attributes and qualities for Genetic Diversity. The point here is that true European German Shepherds are high energy working dogs that require allot of room and exercise, and a quality breeding program will have many of them. If a breeders house, training facilities, and kennel with several dogs isn't located on at least 5+ acres, then you need to question the environment of the breeding program.
    Regarding our warranties for our puppies, we give a written warranty for crippling Hip Dysplasia. This disease is rare in the Authentic German Shepherd, however our dogs hips are either certified in Europe or they have x-rays on file with our Veterinarian here in Tennessee. We also have a 100% buyback policy for every puppy that we place from Vom Zeder Haus. If we place a puppy with you and for any reason you become dis-satisfied with your dog, as long as he or she is healthy and not pregnant, Vom Zeder Haus will pay you $1500.00 to bring your dog back! This warranty is for 90 days/three months following the placement date.
      If Vom Zeder Haus and a potential new Owner mutually decide to go forward, Vom Zeder Haus requires 250.00 to reserve a puppy. If we cannot provide a puppy within the time frame agreed on, then your deposit is refundable. In the event that we agree to place a puppy with you, make a file on your Family, and while waiting for your puppy and after we have told many good potential placements that your puppy is sold, you ask for your deposit back, at that point your deposit is non refundable. This typically happens because while waiting, a person becomes impatient and then supports one of the puppy mills. VZH will not reward such behavior by returning a deposit. This is a very rare event as Vom Zeder Haus only seeks responsible, quality people who appreciate the breed, and are familiar with these elite lines to place our puppies with. 
      We are the ONLY kennel in the world that we are aware of offering confirmation-Schutzhund, German quality puppies from this very elite West German line for under 1800.00, most are 3000.00-4000.00. We then back them up with a Hip and buy back warranty. Regarding a confirmation- Schutzhund quality dog, if you don't know the difference, you need to research and familiarize yourself with the bloodlines.
       The relationship with your breeder shouldn't end when you take your dog home, this is when your relationship actually begins or should begin!! After most breeders in the U.S. get your money, they really don't want to hear your concerns. At Vom Zeder Haus we actually want to be involved with your dog for life, and help you with any issues that may arise. Be it 3pm or 3am, we are always available if you need us. If we place a puppy with you and your not calling for advice and help, then we're concerned!!
     You may notice that we do not publish positive feedback and testimonials from Vom Zeder Haus dogs owners and clients.We feel that such bespeaks desperation on the part of a breeder when they have to place personal statements made by people on their website,so they can sell their puppies. The fact that we are the only Kennel on the planet to consistently maintain a waiting list for our dogs should tell you something, but if that's not enough, we can provide good potential placements with as many references,names and phone#'s for Vom Zeder Haus dog owners and clients, as you would want.
      Vom Zeder Haus is in a position in which we can be very selective with our placements and ensure that our dogs and puppies are going to the right homes. While we sometimes feel overwhelmed with the request we receive for dogs, we are always looking for intelligent, responsible, quality people who lead active lifestyles to place our puppies with. If you consider yourself to fall into these categories, Vom Zeder Haus wants to hear from you!!
      In regard to a person seeking a dog or puppy from a quality breeding program,your best bet is to visit as many German Shepherd kennels as possible.... Quality speaks for it's self,and there is no substitute for Quality!!!!
     We were once told that we take all this way too seriously LOL!!   It was a grand compliment to us!!  Back in the day when Max V. Stephanitz, Arthur Myer, WolfGang Hobbes and Konrad Most were developing the German Shepherd Breed, they were frequently told the same!!
     There are Millions of German Shepherd puppy mills in the United States. In our home State of Tennessee, there is even a Licensed Veterinarian running a German Shepherd Puppy Mill. That could make one question the Tennessee State Board of Veterinary Medicine that holds this persons license, regarding their Code of Ethics and such......... When a high ranking German Shepherd official in Europe heard that an American Veterinarian was operating a German Shepherd puppy mill, he responded ''Thats like a Priest or a Nun running a Brothel''. He said that because most Veterinarians are against Puppy Mills and the exploitation of dogs. Most advocate for Animal Shelters and dog rescue organizations. We have several German Shepherd puppymills in our State of Tennessee, but its very dissapointing to have a So Called Veterinarian conducting one. However if you do an internet search on ''Veterinarians and Debt'', it will become obvious to you why this is happening.  We make an example of the Veterinarian Puppy Mill because it's bespeaks Volumes about the exploitation of the German Shepherd Breed in America. It also bespeaks very loudly about the ethical and economic condition of the Veterinary system in the United States....  This is all very sad, and such people, and such exploitation of the German Shepherd Breed are what we are educating people about!!................. 
      Again, there are MILLIONS of German Shepherd puppy mills in the United States and it's the demise of the German Shepherd Breed. If you don't have the financial resources or patience to acquire a Real German Shepherd from a Quality breeding program, then there is an animal Shelter or dog rescue organization in your area that needs your help and support, and they have many good dogs that need a home...........

    - ''A person that does not have the ability to comprehend that producing Quality European German Shepherds is a process, the insight to recognize good breeders verses bad, or the patience to wait on a good dog, such people are not appropriate for German Shepherds anyway because these dogs deserve better than that!"- Dondi Hydrick

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