If you are new to our Website, this page has several pictures of dogs we have placed with their Owners / Parents, just scroll down. 

  9 May 2017- We hope to update the VZH website this summer, as we have many new Owner pictures and lots of new research info that we need to add.
   Below is a list of the new articles that will be added to our site, along with the Owner pictures.
  -Gastric Dilation and Volvulus- Heartworms- Pyometra - Skin issues- Nutrition- Hip Dysplasia- Umbilical Hernia- Degenerative Myelopathy- Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency- Irritable Bowl Syndrome- Training- American Dog Registries- Soft Tissue injures- The Psychology and Emotions of the West German Shepherd- Ear infections- The Lack of German Shepherd Government in the United States, and specifically, why there is NO Governing body for the Breed in the U.S.- The misuse of Crates- Communication between the West German Shepherd and Humans- Cryptorchidism- Genetics vs environmental causes of GSD health issues- Too much focus on obedience, thus weaker instincts- American vs European research and publications regarding the GSD.  We have chosen these specific subjects because these are some of the most in which American information is either wrong, misunderstood, or is being caused or exploited by the American Veterinary System. If you are new to our website, we have been doing research on the Breed for over 30 years.     

            Diesel Vom Zeder Haus
As many know, Airports are a source of frustration and homesickness for many Travelers. One of the busiest Airports in the World,- the Atlanta Airport, recently decided to employ a Therapy dog to interact with people who are using the Airport. While they had access to Millions of Therapy dogs Worlwide, it was Diesel VZH that was chosen to fulfill this role. This due to his intelligence, character and discretion. Of course a Certified Therapy dog, Diesel is also on staff at Shriner's children's Hospital. He also visits various schools and nursing homes. He was the first Therapy dog in the U.S. chosen to use a cart, in which he gives children rides and delivers Christmas presents.
  The pictures below are of Diesel at the Airport.      


   Diesel with Law Enforcement at the Airport

                         With Travelers 

Diesel with a European Boy.
Diesel with travelers 
SG Korrah Vom Haus Tyson
Pictured at the left is Korrah Vom Haus Tyson. A daughter of our Ax Redox, Korrah recently achieved SG-1 and IPO 2 in Germany. She is owned by VZH Friend and associate Heidi L. Theis.
          VZH was the only GSD kennel to be invited to a Working dog event for the public
, which occurred in Jasper Georgia. Along with Law Enforcement Agencies, VZH conducted working dog demonstrations. Specifically, VZH conducted scenarios in which people were assaulted or robbed, then our dogs put into action. Below are some pictures from the event.  

Ax in Action

Edward Denny in a Blind

Frankie Didn't Allow this Purse Snatcher to Get Away!

Yano, Using All Of His 1700 PSI
Biting Power


Ax Redox
Ax, Ready For Action

As Always, Yano Took Time For Pictures
With the Kids
Group Photo

Pictured at left is
Colonel Vom Zeder Haus

with Indiana State Police Trooper
Brent Gramig.
Trooper Gramig is assigned to the

Evansville Post,
and resides in Evansville

with his wife Kelly,
and of course Colonel.


Bella VZH With Her Owner,
Dana Grahm from
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Blume Vom Zeder Haus lives with her
owners, Dr. Bobby Williams and his wife,
Whitney, in Oklahoma.

Cadet VZH With his family in New York.
Josh, pictured, is a Major in the
United States Army. The family resides
at West Point.

Mia VZH with her owners
in Houston, Texas
 VZH dog owners frequently send us pictures and we love them all.
Sometimes an owner will send a great picture that we want to put on this website.
Our good owners, Scott and Katherine Richardson of Louisville, KY recently sent us
several great pictures of their GSD, Zenyatta. We couldn't decide which one to use,
so we posted them all below. "Zen" is a daughter of our Yano and Gunnie.



Sam VZH, Nashville, TN

Skottke VZH - Kentucky

 Kona Vom Zeder Haus
In 2011, Kona was chosen to be a model for a Nationally known pet furniture
manufacturer and has been featured in magazines all over the United States and abroad.
Kona wants everybody to know, however, that she is not just about good looks,
she is also tough, and does well in her bite work!!
    Kona lives with her owner, Elizabeth Campbell in Denver Colorado. 

Braus Vom Zeder Haus
Braus resides with his owners, the Hancock Family of Paris Kentucky.
Practically all famous racehorses in the U.S. from Seabiscuit to Seattle Slew,
from Secretariat to Sunday Silence can be linked to Hancock breeding and racing.
A Hancock family member once paid us the ultimate compliment by stating
that we are the Arthur ''Bull'' Hancock of German Shepherd Breeders.
In the recent motion picture, ''Secretariat,'' Former Tennessee State Senator
turned actor, ''Fred Thompson,'' portrayed ''Bull Hancock''. 

   Hopefully, Braus is keeping the Thoroughbreds in line in Bourbon Co. Kentucky.

Gus Vom Zeder Haus resides with Lexington Police Sargent, David Biroschick and his family in Lexington Ky. A big thanks to David's wife, Mrs Jenny Biroschick, for getting this great picture to us!!

Named after his father,
Hobbie Vom Zeder Haus
resides with his family, The Lohmans,
in Dayton Ohio.

Hobbie and Pippa VZH - Georgia
Jager VZH - Montana
Our beloved Kelly with her babies in 2008
Kelly is now gone but not forgotten.

Lexington KY Police Officer Sean Stafford
with his Rica VZH.
Axel VZH with Ranger Bob, as he is called in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.
Axel and Bob reside in Cosby Tennessee.  

Indo Vom Zeder Haus, Richmond, KY
Rica VZH, Lexington, KY
Gunther VZH - Nashville, TN
Valkerie Vom Zeder Haus,
Bucharest, Romania
Ranger Vom Zeder Haus,enjoying a rare snow in Hattiesburg, MS. Ranger lives down the road from NFL Quarterback Brett Favre.

Beowolf and Lexi VZH with Lee Patton.
Knoxville Tennessee.
VZH dogs owned by Dr. Paul Bueschel MD - Nashville
Zenyatta Vom Zeder Haus - Louisville, KY

Lexi VZH - Knoxville, TN
Stella VZH, Yellow Knife, Canada.
Christina with her Ella VZH - Virginia Beach, VA

Argos VZH - Louisville KY

Daniel Carson

Elsa VZH and Hannah. Nashville TN.

Ginger VZH. Owned by the Gaffney Family, Nashville TN.

Ginger VZH. Nashville

Ginger VZH.  Nashville

Gunner VZH.  Tennessee

Anja and Ryker VZH.  Mt. Sterling, KY.

Rommel and Cajun VZH. Owned by the Burgess Family. San Antonio, TX.

Thunder VZH. Louisville Ky
Thor VZH.   Nashville TN.

VZH dogs owned by Dr. Paul Bueshel MD. Nashville TN.