Vom Zeder Haus dogs are Authentic German Shepherds, the same quality that you would acquire in Europe. They are not the so called German Shepherds readily available in America, which are NOT true German Shepherd Dogs. Therefor we want our Potential new Owners / Dog Parents to be very educated about the German Shepherd Breed, as people who are Educated about their Breed are better Dog Parents. So we require that you read this site before we will discuss placing a German Shepherd Puppy or dog with you. If you are under time constraints, at least read our " Home " and " Puppies '' pages. Unless you have owned German Shepherds while living in Europe, then there is much for you to learn about the German Shepherd Dog. By reading this site you will know more about the German Shepherd Breed then 99.999999999% of people associated with the breed in America, including American Trainers, American Veterinarians, and German Shepherd breeders in this country !!!!!   
    If you find that you don't have the time and patience required to read and prepare yourself for a 12-15 year relationship- then you DON'T have the time or patience required to be a responsible dog Parent!! This website is to educate you, which ultimately helps the German Shepherd Dog.
    After you have READ this Website, or at least our " Home " and " Puppies " pages, we will answer ALL of your questions, and help you in every way !!  

                     Thank You and we appreciate your interest!!

    We can be reached at 865-455-7799 or by email below. Callers will most likely receive our voicemail as we always have our hands into something. So do leave a voicemail, and we will return your call promptly.


 Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherds
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