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      While VZH is a Breeding and Training Kennel, and while we own and reproduce some of the Elite German Shepherds of the World, our primary mission here is to educate the American Public about this Breed, because 99% of the information available in the U.S. is either wrong, or does not apply to the True, Authentic German Shepherd Dog. It seems that in the modern World everybody is TAKING from this Breed.... We want to give back to it, and that begins with education. 
   We reproduce Authentic European German Shepherds to improve the Breed in the United States, then we place German Shepherd Puppies and dogs with SELECT people who will be good dog parents, and can offer the appropriate environment to a dog. While we have placed German Shepherds with High Level Law Enforcement Agencies, The U.S. Federal Government including the Department Of Interior /  National Park Service, we seek to place our puppies and dogs in Family environments. 
     VZH is a Preservation of the Authentic German Shepherd Dog. We are a Voice against the exploitation of the German Shepherd Dog. The price of our dogs is dictated by our overhead, but in actuality, as documented in our Tax Records, this cost us 2-5k annually to do this, meaning that we go in the red that much each year. That's because we don't think it is ethical for people to profit monetarily by breeding dogs, as this should be a passion and for the sole purpose of improving a specific breed and taking it forward. Furthermore, with thousands of dogs being Euthanized in animal shelters every day, and Animal Rescue organizations always needing money, its just wrong for a dog breeding program to be profiting monetarily. People should have pure / well bred dogs, and as a dog advocate, you need to know- is your breeder using your money for cigarettes, lottery tickets, maybe the car or house payment, or are they putting your money back into the breed. - Being Non-profit is ok with us, as Passion and Commitment are NOT about your Money.   
    ( The following exert was provided by Catherine Oxenburg )- 
  Regarding Edward Denny- the Owner and Manager of VZH, he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Kentucky, and Union College in Barboursville Ky. German Shepherds have been a lifelong passion for Edward. He has spent much time in Germany as a student of the breed, learning the art of training, and the science of breeding from elite Breeders and Trainers there. He regularly consults with European Veterinarians ( who are true, authentic Veterinarians compared to their American counterparts) to stay updated on the latest regarding the health and welfare of the breed. He regularly conducts research regarding disease and Medications associated with the German Shepherd Dog. Also an Environmentalist and Conservationist, Edward owns a well preserved 248 acre Wildlife Sanctuary near Waddy, Ky.  Established in 1968, the Sanctuary not only continues to serve as a Wildlife Refuge, and Habitat for Trees and Plants, but also as a Preservation of the Authentic German Shepherd Dog, as the VZH Kennels are located on this property.  Now referred to as " Vom Eichen Wald ", the land features over 200 acres of very mature Forrest, a Lake, 5 ponds and numerous Creeks. Vom Eichen Wald is a tremendous environment for the German Shepherd Dog.  
     Edward began training as a Child. In 1992 he began importing and breeding German Shepherds. In 2009 he walked away from a six figure annually Salary to devote his life full time to the German Shepherd Breed. Edward is one of the Worlds leading researchers on the German Shepherd Dog. He has amassed hundreds of pages of notes, statistics, spreadsheets, and interviewed hundreds of people from all over the World involved with this breed. His research work includes regular consultation with European Veterinarians, and top Geneticist. With all of this research he has yet to publish anything in book or journal form, as his current priority is to educate, not monetary gain. In fact in 2014 Edward was offered a substantial amount of money by a major Book Publisher to author a book on the German Shepherd Dog. He declined, stating that he needs to remain involved in the day to day, hands on work with the Breed, and that the work and time involved with the writing and publication of a book would take him away from that. Aside from this website, he wants to continue to educate with Kennel Visits, Placements Conferences, and working dog Seminars. However he promises that a Book will come later.
   Being that Edward does not fish or hunt, does not own an ATV, people ask him why he owns and resides on 248 acres of all wooded land, with a Lake and many ponds. This is because as a Wolf Researcher in Yellowstone or Canada studies the Wolf,  Edward is constantly evaluating behavior, health, nutrition, and the needs of this Breed both emotionally and Physiologically by studying his 20+ GSD's in this environment. This is in addition to his ongoing Worldwide research. I have lived all over the World, and have owned German Shepherds for over 50 years, having obtained my first as a Child. I have dealt with Breeders, Trainers and Veterinarians from all over the World, and I have never met any other person with the knowledge of this Breed that Edward has.  I have never met another person with such a passion for the German Shepherd Dog, or anyone that cares so much about this Breed as Edward does. While he is an Expert on the German Shepherd Dog, Edward will not allow himself to be called that. He says he is only a Student of the Breed, that he never met a European GSD that wasn't more intelligent then he. He always says " When you live with 20+ German Shepherds 24/7, you have to learn something ''.  But don't let him fool you- He's an Expert.  
    While Edward is a Breeder, Trainer, and Researcher, I look at him more as a Missionary and Ambassador for the German Shepherd Breed. - " Catherine Oxenburg- VZH dog Owner ".    
       All aspects and functions of our breeding program, kennel, environment and training practices are of old European ways. Our dogs were handpicked because they are throwbacks to the breed of decades ago. In the modern world, the German Shepherd Breed is a buisness, both for breeders and trainers. There are many false stereotypes, silly training practices, and puppymills everywhere. We feel like we are always going against the current. When we started our breeding program years ago, our friends and mentors in Europe told us that it wouldn't work. They told us that Americans want the quick and easy way, and that we would not be successful in the United States..... While we do no advertising other then our website,and while we are located in very rural areas of Tennessee and Kentucky, Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherds and Puppies are the most sought after German Shepherds in the World!! This is not only because of the quality of our dogs, its our WARRANTIES, our SERVICE after the sale, and our Knowledge of the Breed. People also know that we aren't just a kennel, we are an ORGANIZATION- fighting against the Exploitation of the German Shepherd Dog!! All of this is why our dogs are the most desired German Shepherds on the Planet!!This is substantiated by the demand for our dogs!!  We are NOT boasting here, its just a fact. We are very modest about our success, and we give the Europeans and our dogs all of the credit for what we have accomplished over the past 24 years.  As a result of Envy, and the stance we have taken against the Exploitation of the German Shepherd Dog- we have taken allot of mud-slinging and hits over the years, sometimes we feel like a Sparrow in a Hurricane- but it goes with the Territory!! However when a Cause is a Passion, and one works 18-20 Hours each day as hard as He or She can for that Cause- Success comes easily, and it also goes with the Territory!!!!    
    We are extremely selective as to with whom we place our puppies with ,and our website is our first tool for weeding out inappropriate people for our dogs . Due to the length and complexity of this website,some people just don't have the patience or commitment to getting a good dog to make it thru this site.  We were once told that our website has "too much talk''. That person obviously missed the point that this is an educational website. Regarding the fact that our site is the first tool in helping us weed out inappropriate people for our dogs, such a statement lets us know that this website is working!!
    We were once told that we take all of this way too seriously!! LOL!!  - It was a grand compliment to us !!   Back in the day when Max V Stephanitz, Arthur Myer, and Conrad Most were creating this Breed, they were frequently told the Same!!

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