"German Shepherd Owners give their dogs time they can spare, room they can spare, and love that they can spare.
In return, German Shepherds give their Owners their ALL".
-Edward Denny

     Welcome to the website for Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherds. We are a German Shepherd breeding and training kennel located in TN, and Ky. We are a Preservation of the Authentic German Shepherd Dog.  Our dogs are European West German Shepherds,or in other words they are Authentic German Shepherds.You will find no American, Americanized or watered down German Shepherds at Vom Zeder Haus.We Breed only European quality dogs, and we adhere to the European breeding standard. All Vom Zeder Haus dogs are either European Imports, or are 1st generation U.S. born. All of our dogs are real life working dogs, trained in protection and tracking. All Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherds have healthy hips, having been evaluated or Certified in Europe.
    We are not only a Breeding and Training Kennel, we are also an Organization fighting against the Exploitation of the German Shepherd Dog. You will read all about that as you proceed thru this website.
   From approximately 1930-1990 the German Shepherd Dog was the most significant Mammal on Earth. Now, because of greed, exploitation, unqualified Breeders and Trainers, the majority- 99.999999% of German Shepherds are only a shadow of the former dog. Vom Zeder Haus imports, breeds and produces the German Shepherd of yesteryear- the healthy, hardy dog which is capable of Police and Military work, but with the intelligence, character and discretion to be a Family dog and child's companion.
     We do business Worldwide, and we have German Shepherd Puppies for sale   in Ky, TN, OH, VA, W.VA, IN, SC, NC, GA, FL, AL, and MS.
     As you read thru our website you will find that it is very different than other German Shepherd Breeder websites.The main purpose of most German Shepherd websites is to ''sell'' you a dog. The main purpose of this website is to educate the American public about the German Shepherd breed. We are always looking for responsible, intelligent people to place our puppies with, but first and foremost, we want you to learn more about these magnificent Animals. Unless you have either owned, bred or trained German Shepherds in EUROPE, then there is much for you to learn about this breed!!  By reading this website, you will know more about the German Shepherd Breed than 99.9% of Americans associated with this breed, including Veterinarians, German Shepherd Owners and German Shepherd Breeders!!  The reason that puppy mills and irresponsible greedy breeders have all but ruined the German Shepherd breed, and gotten away with this for years, is because of people taking an irresponsible laid back approach in pursuing a German Shepherd!! We Have a passion for the German Shepherd Dog, and we despise the Worldwide greed, ignorance and exploitation that surrounds the Breed. We never want to give the impression that we think we are the only good German Shepherd Breeder in America, there are other good breeders in America, but for each good one, there are literally one million bad ones and we want you to recognize the difference!!
   While we have placed German Shepherds with high level Law Enforcement agencies and the U.S. Government, 95% of our dogs are placed with Families and private individuals. German Shepherds should meet the European breed standard,so we breed as they breed in Europe, that is....to produce a very balanced, complete dog.We produce German Shepherds that can be your running or hiking partner in the morning,do Police tactical work during the day,a childs playmate during the evening,and protect his owner and Family at night. 
     When Max Vom Stephanitz, Arthur Myer, Wolfgang Hobbes and Konrad Most developed the German Shepherd breed in the early 1900's, the modern German Shepherd Dog and the breeding practices that surround it, are NOT what they had in mind.  Most people in the United States are unaware that there are actually three sub-species of the German Shepherd Breed and that each is a completely different dog.  As you read thru this website,the three sub-species of German Shepherds will be discussed in detail. 
    Authentic German Shepherds were created from Wolves which is why they are so magnificent and make the best working and Family dogs. In 2011, the University of Tennessee conducted an extensive study to see how close the modern German Shepherd was to the Gray Wolf both genetically and behaviorally. After U.T. toured and researched dozens of German Shepherd kennels, it was our kennel - Vom Zeder Haus that was chosen as the subject of their study. This because our dogs are of a very pure West German strain of the breed, and because of the overall quality of our breeding program. 
Our German Shepherds can speak for themselves, Vom Zeder Haus welcomes good potential placements to our Kennel to meet our dogs, meet us and see the environment we have chosen for our operation. Our Kennel is actually a 248 acre Sanctuary with a Lake, several ponds and creeks, and over 200 acres of mature Timber with trails. The Sanctuary also features a Kennel building, our Kennel house. We also keep an ample supply of good German beer,and the coffee pot is always on....
......Of the Millions of German Shepherd breeders in the world,Vom Zeder Haus is the ONLY Kennel to provide a 100% buyback policy with every puppy that we place!!!!....Why?....Because people in the United States breed dogs because they need your money! We don't need your money,we breed German Shepherds for the sole reason of improving this breed.When we place a dog,we want our owners to be satisfied and our dogs to be happy!
........Of the Millions of German Shepherd Breeders and Kennels Worldwide,Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherds, located in rural areas of Tennessee and Kentucky, is the ONLY kennel to CONSISTENTLY maintain a waiting list for German Shepherd puppies!!!!  Why?.....Because of the quality of our dogs, and the quality of our breeding program........ This is something that we are not boasting about, its just a fact!!!!





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